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How we can help your firm
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Our SQE preparation courses have been developed with the SRA requirements in mind, tailored to the lives of busy lawyers and aspiring solicitors. We know that as a law firm, you want your candidates to do as well as possible on their assessments but might be worried about whether preparation time will eat into their day job.

We understand the needs and concerns of law firms. Our SQE preparation courses are tailor-made to suit each candidate and are flexible in study and time requirements. This means your candidates can study whenever it’s convenient for them and your firm, with minimum disruption to working practice.

Previous success

We’ve helped thousands of aspiring solicitors pass the QLTS (SQE’s predecessor for foreign lawyers on which the SQE is predominantly based) first time. Since the SQE was introduced, we’ve worked with thousands of learners to help them achieve the same results.

Complete focus

We live and breathe the SQE. Our team of experts dedicate themselves to creating the very best content that will help your candidates pass. We stay on top of updates to the law and exams too, letting you know if anything has changed.

Easily accessible learning

No need to go to the classroom. Our resources are all instantly accessible online, making it easy for learners to dip in whenever and wherever they’d like.

To learn more about how we can help your firm, head over to our website. ☝️

If you need more assistance, chat with us on Messenger. 🗨️

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