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Your Learning Journey
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Your SQE preparation course could look something like this:

Our Learning Style

Study Method

Recommended Study Tools


Using visual aids like flowcharts and mind maps

Summary notes, flowcharts, and summary diagrams

Auditory and verbal

Listening to material and talking things through with a study partner

Video lectures and/or reviewing the summary notes

Reading and writing

Reading text and/or writing out notes

Summary notes, making your own notes where appropriate, textbooks

Tactile (precipitable by touch)


Video lectures or summary notes for each topic, refer to the textbooks when necessary, flashcards, tutor support

Like many students, you may have a mix of learning styles so the best way to study is to try all the different materials until you find which works best for you.

Regardless of your learning style, you should use our summary notes and practice questions to guide your preparation before trying the SQE1/SQE2 mock exams in the final weeks before the assessment.

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