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Your SQE2 Learning Journey
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Our SQE preparation courses help you learn and practise the techniques you need to pass. Plus, you’ll cover all the legal knowledge you’ll be assessed on.

Each SQE2 preparation course includes four stages:


Your Study Tools

I – understanding the style, format, and procedures of the SQE2 assessment

SQE2 exam day resources, course guide

II – studying substantive and procedural law

Summary notes, flashcards, SQE video library

III – learning and understanding the six skills

Practice questions, SQE Skills Online, legal skills video workshops, English writing tasks

IV – developing and practising your legal skills

Kaplan sample questions and suggested solutions, exam technique videos, summaries, 120/300 mock exams for self-assessment, mock practice stations with personal tutor feedback

If you follow your study plan and your tutor's advice, you will be well-prepared for the SQE2 assessment.

To learn more about SQE2 Prep, head over to our website. ☝️

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