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A closer look at your SQE2 resources
A closer look at your SQE2 resources
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Depending on which course package you choose, you’ll have access to a range of different learning resources.

The questions in the practice areas assessed in SQE2 may draw on underlying black letter law in the Functioning Legal Knowledge (FLK), that candidates have studied in SQE1 or the LPC. You’ll therefore also have access to the relevant SQE1 course materials that cover the substantive and procedural law tested in SQE2.

Summary Notes

Divided into sections and covering the main topics tested in SQE2, these notes will cut the time you spend on revision. The summaries cover property law, wills and the administration of estates, dispute resolution, criminal litigation, and business law.

You can download and print out the notes, add annotations, highlight text, and make your own notes.

Legal Skills Video Workshops

100+ video workshops summarising the key points for each of the six legal skills you’ll be tested on in SQE2. At the same time, there are videos that cover exam techniques and summaries of the key points you’ll need to master to pass SQE2.

You’ll be able to learn from practical demonstrations of the skills in action, leaving you better prepared for your assessment. The videos show best practice scenarios as well as what not to do, so you’ll know what’s expected of you to pass. Watch them anywhere, any time, on your computer, tablet or phone.

All videos have English subtitles.

Client Interviewing

Simulations of client interviews that cover the topics you’re likely to face in your assessment.

Watch role-plays that show solicitors building rapport, dealing with emotional clients, asking questions, taking notes and closing the interview.

Watch the sample clip to see what good looks like when it comes to client interviewing.


Learn what is involved in contentious advocacy so you can competently demonstrate the role in both civil and criminal courts. This video series is designed to supplement your preparation for the advocacy assessment by providing examples of how some of the common applications that are assessed could play out on assessment day.

Watch the sample clip to see advocacy best practice in action.

Legal Writing

One of our experienced tutors will walk you through the most important things to focus on when writing a letter or email of advice, an internal memo, or an attendance note.

You’ll also learn some of the basics of English legal writing, such as using plain English that avoids jargon or ‘legalese’.

Check out the clip to see a sample of how to write letters.

Legal Drafting

Learn more about drafting commonly used documents in some of the contexts you’ll face as part of your assessment. These videos cover a claim form, particulars of the claim, property transfer and first registration forms, defence and witness statements, contracts, shareholders and partnership agreements, limited company and LLP incorporation, board minutes, and more.

Find out more about legal drafting in our sample video.

Case and Matter Analysis

Discover how to analyse your work and make sure it’s the best it can be. Find out about processes including identifying the relevant facts and using preliminary tools of analysis, carrying out legal analysis, considering strategies for negotiation, assessing risks and client’s needs, advising on the next steps, and reporting to the supervising partner.

A sample tutor’s commentary on case and matter analysis is available in the video on the right.

Legal Research

Watch walkthroughs that go into detail about tackling legal research.

These videos cover the steps you’ll need to take, from understanding the parameters of the task to writing a research letter of advice or memo to the partner or the client.

A sample tutor’s commentary on legal research is available in the video on the right.

SQE video library

More than 80 video lectures give you a broad overview of the whole syllabus, including both substantive and procedural law. Access them whenever and wherever you like to dig deeper into all the areas covered in your assessment.

To give you an idea of what to expect, check out our playlist of preview videos.

SQE Skills Online

This interactive online module will complement your other studies, building on the theory and giving you a chance to put it into practice. You’ll cover legal writing and drafting, advocacy and oral presentation, interviewing and advising, legal research, and case and matter analysis in different legal contexts.

SQE Skills Online combines explainer videos with a digital book and more than 60 interactive exercises to prepare you for your SQE2 assessment. You’ll feel confident having put your skills to the test in practical simulations that mirror what’s expected of you in the assessment.

Digital Flashcards

Our digital flashcards are organised by topic and include short questions and answers. You can use them to revise the law in chunks, focusing on areas you’re struggling with while saving time by skipping topics you already know. A great way to refresh your knowledge ahead of mock exams or real exams, too.

SQE2 practice questions

The practice questions include multiple exercises with proposed solutions that are based on a single scenario/case study common to that practice area.

The questions come with a variety of documents and forms which you may see in the formal SQE2 exam, such as a letter of claim and particulars of claim; board and members’ resolutions; defence and witness statements; a bail application; wills, IHT forms, and probate applications; transfer deeds, a copy of the register and site plan, and purchase and sale contracts.

Mock Exams

Our 300 mock exams with model answers give you the unique chance to master exam techniques with simulations that mirror the real thing. Familiarising yourself with the question pattern and getting used to the time restrictions are essential parts of your preparation. At the same time, you’ll be able to identify any gaps in your knowledge or practical application of it through mock exams.

The mock exams cover all the legal practice areas and the skills tested in SQE2 (check the matrix to see the topics/skills covered by each of the tasks).

Covering the whole syllabus, our mock exams include all the supporting documents you’ll need to find the right answer. You can also access instructions for interviewers, giving you the opportunity to practise the role-play aspect of the assessment.

Personal Tutor Assistance

Work with a tutor to get even more guidance on your studies. Our experts can help assess your knowledge and steer your studying, supporting you in setting timelines and checking your progress during the mock practice station meetings. Your tutor will:

  • Identify your knowledge and experience, plus how much time you’ve got to study, during an initial consultation.

  • Create a personalised study plan for you, complete with a roadmap for how to get started and suggested milestone dates so you can keep your progress on track.

  • Provide personal feedback based on simulated practice stations in client interviewing and advocacy.

Once you’ve enrolled in the course, we’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire and tell us your background, legal qualifications, and experience. Your tutor will review this information ahead of your first meeting. It doesn’t matter where you’re based — you can work with your tutor over email, Skype, Zoom, phone, or more.

One-on-one Mock Practice Stations with Personal Tutor Feedback

A key part of the SQE2 assessment is the “practice stations” during which your skills are tested in real situations (using actors).

It’s important to prepare for this so you know exactly what to expect, so you can practise one-on-one with one of our experienced tutors. The tutor will assess your skills in client interviewing and advocacy, and then give you constructive feedback based on the SRA’s marking criteria.

In the past, candidates have found these sessions to be the most helpful prep tool for their SQE2 assessment.

The sessions help you assess your level of knowledge, professional skills, and understanding of legal practice, showing you areas where you might need to do more work before taking the real assessment.

Watch a demo mock station to find out more.

English Writing Tasks

Part of SQE2 will see you complete written tasks like writing a memo or drafting advice to a client using appropriate, clear, and precise English. Practise the writing tasks before your mock exams and assessments to improve your confidence.

We’ve got 15 tasks for you to try, covering administrative and procedural writing such as emails or formal letters. Each one includes an assignment, a sample letter to work from, and commentary to help you learn.

To learn more about SQE2 Prep, head over to our website. ☝️

If you need more assistance, chat with us on Messenger. 🗨️

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