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The SQE2 Resources You Need to Succeed
The SQE2 Resources You Need to Succeed
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SQE2 is designed to assess your practical legal skills across a number of practice areas, so our preparation courses focus on just that. To pass, you need to demonstrate your ability to accurately advise clients and apply the law to different circumstances.

This includes interviewing clients, making advocacy presentations to the court, writing legal advice, identifying the right documents to use, and being able to draft them yourself.

Our SQE2 preparation courses focus on getting you ready for the practical elements of the assessment, alongside further developing your legal knowledge and skills.

You wouldn’t be ready for a driving test without spending some time in a car and it’s the same for SQE2; you can’t just rely on reading a book — you need to practise too. Our resources will make sure you’re ready for the exam.

Your study plan will include access to:

  • Course guide

  • Summary notes

  • 100 legal skills video workshops

  • SQE Video Library

  • SQE Skills Online

  • Digital flashcards

  • English writing tasks

  • Practice questions

  • Mock exams with model answers

  • One-on-one mock practice stations with personal tutor feedback

We update our resources regularly to reflect any changes in the law or the SQE syllabus.

To learn more about SQE2 Prep, head over to our website. ☝️

If you need more assistance, chat with us on Messenger. 🗨️

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