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How You’ll Study
Updated over a week ago

Almost all of our resources are digital so you’ll access them through our proprietary online training system, SQE Learning. Once you’ve chosen your course and checked out, you’ll be given a username and password to log in. You’ll also be sent your textbooks ready to get started.

You’ll also receive our suggested study guide for SQE1. This guide is designed to provide you with a comprehensive roadmap, outlining the various components of our course, their usage, and how to customise your preparation plan based on your professional background, learning style, and available time.

Studying online means you can access materials whenever and wherever you want. Our content is mobile-ready too, so you can study from your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. If you’d like to know more, you can watch our video to get an in-depth overview of our SQE1 courses.

To learn more about SQE1 Prep, head over to our website. ☝️

If you need more assistance, chat with us on Messenger. 🗨️

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